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August 23, 2012
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IT'S A VERY, VERY HEAVY ANIMATION FILE. WAIT FOR IT TO LOAD (You should give it like 1 or two minutes to load)

I bet you didn't expect this from me, huh?

All throughout the last semester I worked on a project based on Christopher Nolan's films (he is currently my favourite contemporary director). This is just a very short scene from a DVD authorship I did for my university.

I chose neurons for my designs because I wanted to play with the idea of being inside the director's head. Also, if you see Nolan's movies, you'll notice that he plays a lot with the mind; with memories, dreams and things of the sort. He uses lots of flashbacks, flashforwards and his movies jump back and forth along with the character's mind. That is why I chose neurons.

I would love to show you the whole DVD thing, but I had to add a scene from each and every one of Nolan's movies (it was part of the assignment). I also used music by Hans Zimmer, so uploading my work is out of the question. The only ones with a copy will be my university, my former teacher and myself (I even made a lovely DVD with a cool design for it :P). I made the whole packaging set for it: DVD box, shirt, stickers, and a small poster. None of it will ever be sold.

I'm showing this particular part to you because... Well, because I friggin' love batman :giggle: Also, because everything here was created by me (except for the bat logo's "shape" of course), so I feel free to submit this knowing that I'm not breaking any copyright infringement whatsoever.

The .swf file killed it though (it's a format for flash animation files). The quality was so lovely *cries*, but I had to... The .mov (format for video files) was too heavy, and dA wouldn't let me upload such a file anyway.

I drew the neurons with Corel Painter 12, did the design with Photoshop CS5 and the animation with After Effects CS5 (then I did this silly extra .swf file so I could upload it online :shakefist: damn you anti-HD internet!)

Anyway, hope you enjoy it!


EDIT: Better quality .swf file! :dummy: I also made the file more rectangular

- - -
My works may not be reproduced in any form without my written permission.

You can purchase the downloaded .swf file for $9USD (900:points:), though please keep in mind that I still own the copyright of the photograph and that it is to remain for private and non-commercial use.
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Really awesome!
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mate very good work. I was searching a batman logo and i found this work of yours.May you give it to me plz? Ofcource i keep it for my self only
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Thanks very much! I'm really glad you like it :D You can purchase and download the .swf file for 900 :points: (9 dollars), there should be a button somewhere in the right :) Then feel free to use it for private and non-commercial ways :aww:
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